Summertime Sadness ❤️

Enjoyable, descriptive, endearing. I loved reading about his slight, hidden smile that hugged the corners of his mouth. It reminds me of a man that I met this past week while on vacation. We only spoke for minute or two. He was enchanting. I only know that he is the father of Paisleymae, his gorgeous, lovable, golden lab. PM’s dad (how I referred to her this week in my journal) made me weak in the knees.
Thank you for sharing your dream, so eloquently worded and thought provoking.


When I dream of him, I see him standing at the water’s edge with a peaceful smile on his face. He looks out at the horizon, dressed in his usual khakis and white button-down, not seeming to notice that his pants are wet to the knees. I almost forget that he’s no longer weighed down by the heaviness of living.

All of the other beachgoers completely ignore him. Surely, someone would have noticed a man walking into the ocean fully clothed. I guess it’s more likely he was wearing swim trunks, but I never saw him that way. Always with his business casual uniform and a slight, hidden smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth when he saw me, like he was amused by his own personal joke.

I feel an insect land on my arm and begin to help itself to my blood. My eyes instinctively try…

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