He has been my constant companion for 12 years now. Sammy is kind, smart, loving, adorable, handsome, mannerly and he’s my best bud!! Oh did I mention good listener and doesn’t complain ??






This is Sammy!!


15 thoughts on “This is Sammy!!

  1. Dogs make such great companions, they make me feel undeserving. I haven’t been able to get another one since the last two died. We got really attached, and losing them was really difficult.


      • Thanks. It doesn’t help that I live alone. The house was suddenly full of emptiness. I still have dreams about them, and I wake up and remember they’re gone. Sorry for crying at your party.


      • Awe, I would consider getting another. I am spending the night with my dog and two cats. They don’t leave my side for a second. Cry anytime at my party! 🙂


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