Great idea! I love the photo of them in the tree!

Merry Hearts Medicine

Here are three completed flower pot birdhouses--one red, one blue, and one green.

Happiness can be derived from the simplest of sources.  Many of the things that inspire peace and happiness in my life are found in nature.  For example, I enjoy watching birds in my yard, whether it be the chickens scratching around in their pen, or the cardinals, robins, and sparrows flitting through the bushes and garden rows.

Birds are great helpers in the garden, and it can be a joy to listen to their songs and watch their antics.  You can make your yard more attractive to birds simply by providing a dish of water and a few bird houses for shelter.

I recently saw a website showing how to make a bird house from PVC pipe.  I became inspired to give my bug-eating buddies new homes!  Eagerly, I drove to a home improvement store.

There I stood, about twenty minutes later, looking up at the ten-foot lengths of PVC pipe thinking “How am I…

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Make Your Own Birdhouse for Less Than Two Bucks!


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