The Importance of Drinking Water

I’ve been so busy that I forget to drink anything. Tonight I drank a full glass of water, and suddenly I had great focus!!!


the importance of drinking water 2

Drinking water is SO IMPORTANT! I can’t stress this enough.

I have always been a water person. I carry my water bottle around everywhere. But there’s some people who are used to drinking sodas and juices and it’s harder for them to stop drinking them and to start drinking water. I know a lot of people who justify drinking sodas by saying “it’s diet! it’s zero!”. The amount of sugar in drinks and juices, is unbelievable. And if it’s diet or zero, it just means it has a lot more toxic sh*t in it.

Take Coke Zero for example. It’s supposed to be better than Coca-Cola since it has no calories, fat or anything for that matter. But it has artificial sweeteners that trigger insulin, which send your body into fat storage mode and lead to weight gain. Diet sodas have no nutricional value. By drinking them, you’re not taking in any…

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